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Equasense will work together with you to meet your organisation’s diversity and inclusion goals.

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Although every organisations needs and starting points are likely to differ, there are some key steps we would work through with you through an initial phase of structured discussions or workshops.

  • What are your equality, equity, diversity and inclusion goals? How are these influenced by external factors?
  • Are your current strategies or actions getting you to where you want to go? How “onboard” are various levels of your organisation? Are your employees ready for these conversations?
  • Do you have the data you need to be able to answer those questions? If not, how might you collect it? There are a number of possible audit type frameworks that we could use with you to look at all aspects of your organisation.

Once key challenges have been identified, we would work with you to develop long term strategies and shorter term actions that might be implemented within your organisation. Timescale and level of involvement needed would depend on size of organisation, pre-existing strategies and structures including staff resource and data availability as well as any external drivers.


Just a quick note of thanks. I hope you enjoyed the visit which was extremely helpful for us in understanding not just how we can further shape our [Athena Swan] submission but also think more broadly around equality issues. Thank you also for taking the time to provide such a detailed analysis of the draft, which again is very helpful.

Prof Michael Young, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), University of Sunderland

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