Equasense provides an independent view

The first step to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation is a bespoke review considering aspects of:

your culture

your systems and

your data


“Diverse organisations make better decisions.”
“Diverse organisations reach more creative solutions.”
“Diverse organisations are more successful.”

The business case for diversity has never been stronger. There are many organisations with good intentions, recognising that they are missing out on talent, resilience and opportunity. But having an organisation that looks diverse isn’t necessarily going to bring you the success you want. You have to go beyond diversity and ensure an inclusive culture so that diverse talent can actually contribute.

Every organisation is at a unique point in their maturity around diversity and inclusion, and therefore the best next step will be unique for them too. Key components of an inclusive organisation include:

  • knowing your organisation in terms of numbers and processes
  • knowing the experiences of your workforce
  • continually building awareness, understanding and empathy
  • leaders who take ownership of the diversity and inclusion aims and role model the inclusive culture that you want



I believe that most organisations have at least some idea where the issues lie for them, and have some great ideas about how to change. But it can be really difficult to see that from inside, when you are buried in it all day every day.

Through Equasense, I provide that independent external viewpoint, and voice, where needed. Analysis, training and recommendations will always be tailored to your sector and your organisation – I use my research, analysis and communication skills to identify where, and how, you can make a real difference.

The most important part of my approach is that it recognises that  organisations are much more than their structures and processes. To have an inclusive organisation that welcomes and values diversity, individuals need to behave inclusively within a supportive, open and transparent structure. My coaching and teaching experience means I am as at home when developing individuals as I am developing the organisation. Let me show you how to grow your individual and collective inclusive mindsets! 



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