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Equasense provides an independent view, a bespoke service reviewing your systems, your culture and your data; helping your organisation become a diverse, inclusive organisation.

“Diverse organisations make better decisions.”
“Diverse organisations reach more creative solutions.”
“Diverse organisations are more successful.”

The business case for diversity has never been stronger. There are many organisations with good intentions, recognising that they are missing out on talent, resilience and opportunity. But having an organisation that looks diverse isn’t necessarily going to bring you the success you want. The organisational culture needs to be inclusive so that the diverse talent can actually contribute.

Unfortunately there is no one magic solution to becoming a diverse, inclusive organisation. You need to know your organisation and your context. And that needs quantitative and qualitative data and an evaluation framework built in to every initiative. You can’t just pick up a set of existing tools – it needs context and relevance to take people along with you. Therefore you need to look at adopting inclusive structures and processes, and in collecting, analysing and publicising data.

However, crucially organisations are fundamentally more than their structures and processes. They are their people, and their customers. So you also need the “right” people, and inclusive behaviour is part of how we define those “right people”. To behave inclusively, people need to be aware of their own limiting beliefs and biases and to be able to explore these in a culture of open-ness, self reflection and vulnerability. Success therefore needs change in both individuals and the organisation and recognition that these are not independent entities.

I believe that most organisations know where the issues like for them, and have some great ideas about how to change. But it can be really difficult to see that from inside, when you are buried in it all day every day.

Through Equasense, I provide that independent external viewpoint, and voice, where needed. Analysis, training and recommendations will always be tailored to your sector and your organisation – I can do this because of my research and analysis expertise and experience. I will help you see what’s in front of you and plan a way through.




I wanted to send our thanks, on behalf of Patrick and the rest of the team, for joining us last week. We’ve had great feedback on your talk, it was also evident that you made an impression throughout the rest of the event as there was some considered reflection on points you had made during the exercises. The event has also given us some great first steps to take forward.

Abi Fafolu, Government Office for Science

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