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  • Are you enthusiastic about building a more inclusive organisation but short of expertise, skills or time?
  • Is your current equality, diversity and inclusion programme faltering or just a bit confused and not delivering what you need?
  • Have you picked up generic solutions that don’t seem to be what your organisation in your sector needs right now?
  • Are you struggling to get leadership, or employees, on board with diversity and inclusion work?

Equasense will support you in finding the key priorities and challenges, communicating and influencing leaders, employees and stakeholders, and finding the right actions and training for you, right now. Together, we will build an inclusive organisation where everyone can thrive whilst ensuring business success. 

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Equasense will help you identify where you are in your diversity and inclusion journey, and your key challenges. I will work with you to develop long term strategies and shorter term actions, whatever it is that you need now within your organisation.


Equasense brings you two decades of  experience in quantitative analysis, project leadership and communication alongside experience leading Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in organisations.

Why does Equasense exist?

“Diverse organisations make better decisions.”
“Diverse organisations reach more creative solutions.”
“Diverse organisations are more successful.”

You will have seen statements like these across the business world in recent years. The business case for diversity has never been stronger. There are many organisations with good intentions, recognising that they are missing out on talent. But having an organisation that looks diverse isn’t necessarily going to bring you the success you want. The organisational culture needs to be inclusive so that the diverse talent can actually contribute.

It’s not always easy to see what needs to happen from within. I recognised a need for external expertise to help organisations to develop holistically as inclusive organisations, to go beyond processes and policies and to bring the terms diversity, equity and inclusion to life in context. Equasense was conceived to provide this expertise at all stages in the organisation’s diversity journey.


What can Equasense do for you?

Equasense can support you in developing an inclusive organisation where everyone can thrive alongside business success.

Whether you need to articulate and understand your diversity and inclusion aims, advice on what data to collect, help understanding what that data is telling you, ideas for interventions, training, or discussions about how to get people on board with your equality, diversity and inclusion aims, Equasense is here to help. After we work together, employees will be better able to develop their own potential, and the organisation will be more resilient.

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