Training and Development Options

Our training is designed using evidence that awareness or culture change is best achieved when courses are tailored to the sector, the organisation and the team. 

Becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation usually involves culture change and has many streams. Training and skills development can play a role at different stages of the journey.

There are many many Diversity and Inclusion Training Courses out there, but some can actually do more harm than good – for example Unconscious Bias training courses, when delivered in certain ways, can result in more biased behaviour!

Equasense training courses are developed using 20 years of experience as an educator, and many many experiences of attending diversity and inclusion courses, both good and bad. All training courses will be tailored to your sector, and can include your organisation’s diversity and inclusion goals where appropriate.

Flagship Programmes

What you really need to know about Diversity and Inclusion.

90 min workshop introducing the language of equality, diversity and inclusion, touching on the business and legal cases and bringing you up to date with recent developments and concepts.  (A shortened 60 min version can be delivered as a “lunch and learn” session).

Cost from £750 depending on number of participants.


How to talk about equality, diversity and inclusion

Many people don’t get involved in diversity and inclusion work because they are worried about saying the wrong thing or not knowing the “right language”.

This course will give you the words you need and build your confidence in having these conversations in the workplace or at home. In person OR remote depending on schedules and needs. Format is bespoke for your group or organisation but includes resources, discussion and practice in talking!

Cost depends on the format and number of people but ranges between £200 to £300 per person.

Consciously Inclusive Leaders TM 

Leaders are crucial for driving culture change so that your organisation, and your people thrive. To play this vital part, leaders need to understand what diversity and inclusion mean for them and the organisation. This 12 week programme  delivers lasting culture and behaviour change amongst leaders, and an action plan for the organisation. Comprising: 3 group workshops 1) motivation, key knowledge and current debates, 2) growing individual and collective inclusive mindsets, 3) developing the right inclusive culture, behaviour and practices for your organisation; guided self study and 2 hours 1-2-1 coaching.

This programme can also be included as the first part of the “Reboot /Kickstart your  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Mission” service that I offer. Get in touch for more details

Cost for 8 participants, £5500. Other size groups by request.

If you have a different specific diversity and inclusion training or development need, please get in touch for a conversation about how I could develop that with, and for, you.

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